Marc Riboud Photography

The portrait became iconic overnight. Photographed in Washington D.C. in 1967, it showed a Vietnam War protester, Jan Rose Kasmir, holding a flower as she confronted a row of National Guard servicemen outside the Pentagon. The image became a symbol of the flower power movement and helped change public opinion against a war that had already lasted more than a decade. Its creator, the French … Continue reading Marc Riboud Photography

Stephan Vanfleteren Photography

Stephan Vanfleteren studied photography at Sint-Lukas Brussels (1988-1992). He worked as a freelance photographer for the newspaper De Morgen from 1993 to 2009, but continued to be involved in his own projects. He specialises in black-and-white portraits and extensive reports at home and abroad. He is currently mainly working for foreign newspapers and magazines. Stephan Vanfleteren is a co-founder of  Kannibaal/Hannibal Publishing and is the … Continue reading Stephan Vanfleteren Photography

Ilse Ruppert Photography

Dennis Hopper Ilse Ruppert is a freelance photographer since 1978, lived between Paris and Los Angeles. Now she is based in Berlin. In the early 80’s she portrayed the punk and new wave scene in Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, London and New York City but also actors, painters and writers for reports and features in national and international magazines. Punks in squatted flat, East Berlin, 1982 … Continue reading Ilse Ruppert Photography

Marie Arago Photography

Antigua Marie Arago is an American photographer who has lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti since 2011. Born and raised in California, she studied film but found herself drawn towards the still image and decided to pursue photography. She graduated from the International Center of Photography in 2004 and has since worked as a photographer, educator and producer of photographic workshops around the world. In 2010 she … Continue reading Marie Arago Photography

Michael Eastman Photography

Black Mesa   Michael Eastman’s photographic career spans five decades, beginning after the artist read The Daybooks of Edward Weston and practiced Ansel Adams’ zone system in his early 20s. Fascinated with the power of color to express and transform emotional states, his work from the 1970s began to focus on the power of color, surface, and patina to tell narratives; these themes are the … Continue reading Michael Eastman Photography

Eliot Elisofon Photography

Eliot Elisofon To me, photography has been a challenge; to produce images that are meaningful but not dogmatic, to be artistic but not arty. It has served me as a vehicle to pay tribute to other arts: to photograph the sculpture of Africa and the temples of Egypt and India. It has also permitted me to experiment with color, a method developed principally in my … Continue reading Eliot Elisofon Photography

Thomas Whiteside Photography

Beth Ditto Thomas Whiteside is an American photographer who is based out of New York City. Originally studying to be a painter at the Art Institute of Chicago, Whiteside turned his attention to photography. Whiteside quickly perfected a skilled eye for a clean contemporary photography style. The photographer has shot for various publications, which range from Wmagazine and Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar España. Michelle Harper Christopher Walken Adele Alan Arkin … Continue reading Thomas Whiteside Photography

With Marilyn: An Evening

Picture the scene – you’re alone in a room with Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra crooning on the record player, Dom Pérignon flowing freely. The dazzling pin-up is lying on a bed, striking a range of irresistable poses, dressed in nothing but the finest silk sheets. It sounds like an elaborate 1950s teen fantasy, but it is in fact the real-life scenario in which Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland – then a baby-faced 27-year-old – … Continue reading With Marilyn: An Evening