On the Hunt with Tanzania’s Hadza Tribe

Hadza hunters tell stories on a rocky outcropping at their camp overlooking Tanzania’s Central Rift Valley. Photo @ Nick Hall Even though photographer Nick Hall is an expert at capturing images of what he sees, he had an eye-opening experience on his recent trip to Tanzania to photograph conservation partnerships with indigenous communities for Nature Conservancy magazine. “One of the things I found extraordinarily surprising was their eyesight,” he … Continue reading On the Hunt with Tanzania’s Hadza Tribe

Thomas Alleman Photography

Thomas Alleman was born and raised in Detroit, where his father was a traveling salesman and his mother was a ceramic artist. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in English Literature. During a fifteen-year newspaper career, Tom was a frequent winner of distinctions from the National Press Photographer’s Association, as well as being named California Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 1995 and … Continue reading Thomas Alleman Photography

Ed Peters Photography

“While I once worked as a photojournalist, the focus of my work has changed. My more recent efforts can probably be described ( for lack of a better term) as “street photography”. At any rate, it’s certainly a kind of photography that minimizes definitive narratives. So, I hope, with that in mind, that these pictures invite viewers to formulate their own personal interpretations of images … Continue reading Ed Peters Photography

Vision From the Inner Eye

In a career that spanned 70 years, photographer Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed was perhaps one of the most important figures in the world of 20th-century Indian photography. Born in 1904, Syed spent his childhood in Palanpur where he and his brother became the official photographers of Palanpur State and much of their professional work was done for the royal families of various North Indian … Continue reading Vision From the Inner Eye

Awe-inspiring Black and White

Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold James Whitmore Abisag Tullmann Andre Kertesz Arthur Leipzig Bruce Davidson, East 100th Street, NY Carl Mydans, Poster of a cinema repertoire In The USSR, 1960 Coney Island Beach by Weegee Daido Moriyama Elevator Garage by John Gutmann Ernst Haas, White Sands, New Mexico Gala Opening by Eve Arnold, Metropolitan Opera, NY Gladys and Mother Behind Clothesline by Jack Spencer Helen … Continue reading Awe-inspiring Black and White

Asylum by George Georgiou

“Between 1999 and 2002, I visited three psychiatric institutions while living and working in Kosova and Serbia on a long term project, Between The Lines, on the aftermath of the NATO conflict with Serbia. The work from the institutions, a story on it’s own, is also an integral part of this bigger narrative of conflict, division, difference and exclusion. Having spent four years teaching a … Continue reading Asylum by George Georgiou

Ozier Muhammad Photography

Ozier Muhammad is an American photojournalist who has been on the staff of The New York Times since 1992. He has also worked for Ebony Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, and Newsday. He earned a B.A. in 1972 in photography from Columbia College Chicago. In 1984, Muhammad won the George Polk Award for News Photography. As a photographer for Newsday, Muhammad shared the 1985 Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading Ozier Muhammad Photography

Russians by Constantine Manos, Moscow, 1965

“In the late summer of 1965 I traveled to Moscow on assignment for an American organization whose mission was to take American professionals to the Soviet Union to meet their Russian counterparts. In the mornings I photographed these meetings. After lunch I was free and used this time to photograph people in the streets, mostly Russian tourists from the provinces. ” ~ Constantine Manos Constantine “Costa” … Continue reading Russians by Constantine Manos, Moscow, 1965

Henri Dauman Photography

  Henri Dauman is a master photographer who has journeyed the world documenting the foremost historical events, personalities and cultural changes of the 20th century. As a feature photographer for LIFE Magazine he captured personalities & icons of politics, art, and culture ranging from John & Jacqueline Kennedy, to Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and many others at telling moments of their lives. For … Continue reading Henri Dauman Photography

Cтранная Подборка  

David Carol Alecio de Andrade Ara Guler Ben van Meerendonk Christer Stromholm Edward Hartwig Ernst Haas Fausto Podavini Jerry Berndt Junku Nishimura Leonard Freed Lothar Reichel Louis Faurer Michael Ackerman Nobuyoshi Araki Peter Keetman Petros Kotzabasis Rico Puhlmann Robert Frank Robert Mapplethorpe Sergio Larrain Tomasz Gudzowaty Vittorio Ronconi William S. Burroughs by Jon Blumb Willy Ronis Continue reading Cтранная Подборка