Bruce Davidson Photography

American photographer Bruce Davidson is one of the notable members of the prestige photography agency Magnum Photos. Like co-founders Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour and George Rodger, Davidson focused his lens on the humanist side of society. In the late fifties, New York was plagued by youth gangs. Gang ‘rumbles’ became so frequent that a Youth Board was formed to stop the violence. A … Continue reading Bruce Davidson Photography

David Seymour, ‘Chim’, Photography

Protest in Paris, 1934 David Szymin was born in 1911 in Warsaw into a family of publishers that produced works in Yiddish and Hebrew. His family moved to Russia at the outbreak of the First World War, returning to Warsaw in 1919. After studying printing in Leipzig and chemistry and physics at the Sorbonne in the 1930s, Szymin stayed on in Paris. David Rappaport, a … Continue reading David Seymour, ‘Chim’, Photography

John Stoddart Photography

John Stoddart is best known for having taken scores of photographs of famous faces including Pierce Brosnan, Carla Bruni, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. He was born in Liverpool and is a former Grenadier Guard. Based in Whitstable but often in London, Stoddart is self-taught and has been in the business for over 25 years. He has been lauded … Continue reading John Stoddart Photography

Alex Majoli

Alex Majoli (born 1971, Ravenna, Italy) is an Italian photographer associated with Magnum Photos known for his documentation of war and conflict. He attended the Art Institute in Ravenna. Alex majoli’s work focuses on the human condition and the theater within our daily lives. Majoli’s career started to develop after he went to photograph the closing of the notorious insane asylum on the island of … Continue reading Alex Majoli

Sylvie Lancrenon Photography

Photography has always been present in Sylvie Lancrenon’s life. She started taking her childhood friends as models from an early age. Images are her language, she never lets go of her camera, with which she has been photographing the most beautiful women for over 25 years. She knows how to highlight their beauty and suggest their fragility. Inspired by cinema, she started when she was … Continue reading Sylvie Lancrenon Photography

Viktor Kolář

Viktor Kolár was born in 1941 in Ostrava. His father, a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, was the owner of a photo studio and photo shop, an important factor in leading young Viktor to photography. In 1953, he began taking photographs, and soon familiarized himself with the works of renowned photographers, particularly Henri Cartier-Bresson. From 1960 to 1964, he studied at the Photographic Institute in Ostrava. … Continue reading Viktor Kolář

Orlando Suero Photography

“If I’d realized what a wonderful photographer you were,  I never would have been the jittery subject I was.” — Jackie Kennedy, 1954 (from a letter to Orlando Suero) Orlando Suero (born 1925) started snapping photos with the Kodak Jiffy his father gave him in 1939. In May 1943, a few months before joining the Marines to serve in World War II, Suero published his … Continue reading Orlando Suero Photography

Guy Bourdin in Black and White

La Baigneuse, circa 1950-53 ‘Untitled’, 1954 From “Untouched”, nominated for the Historical Book Award Totó, 1955 Vogue, Paris, June 1964 Cynthia Korman in a Pierre Cardin outfit photographed for Vogue Paris, 1968 Donna Jordan in Yves Saint Laurent, for Vogue Paris, January 1971  Vogue Paris, February 1971  Collection Chloé, Vogue 1973 Vogue France, 1975 “Parisian Trip”, 1983 Bonnie Lysohir, Vogue UK, 1971 Pat Cleveland, Vogue Italia, October … Continue reading Guy Bourdin in Black and White