Ilse Ruppert Photography

Dennis Hopper

Ilse Ruppert is a freelance photographer since 1978, lived between Paris and Los Angeles. Now she is based in Berlin. In the early 80’s she portrayed the punk and new wave scene in Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, London and New York City but also actors, painters and writers for reports and features in national and international magazines.

Punks in squatted flat, East Berlin, 1982

Iggy Pop

Ralf Richter, Berlin, 1984

Dennis Hopper

Gert Krawinkel with his Stratocaster, 1982

Chris Dreier and Steeve Reeves

Eric Rohmer, 1984

East Berlin, squatted apartment

Punk attitude, East Berlin, 1982

Françoise Sagan

livingroom in squatted building, West Berlin, 1984

Diego Giacometti

Gabi Delgado and Robert Görl, Hamburg, 1981

Frank Zappa

Neo Nazi

Katja Rupé

Peter Coyote

Dennis Hopper

Milan Kunc

Punk Juwels by Christopher Gehre, West Berlin, 1985

Michel Piccoli

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