Alien Portraits Project by Max Solve

Graphic designer and photographer  Max Solve teamed up with Retoka for this project named “Alien”. Using softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom, duo have designed a fascinating series of striped images through which we perceive troubling women portraits. Continue reading Alien Portraits Project by Max Solve

Peinture Dames Aux Chapeaux (1536-2010)

Titian (1536) . Peter Paul Rubens (1625) . Judith Leyster (ca. 1635) . Johannes Vermeer (1667) . Joshua Reynolds – Miss Mary Hickey (1770) . Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun – Self Portrait (1787) . Gustave Courbet (1857) . Edouard Manet (1877) . Camille Pissarro – Peasant Girl (1881) . Hugo von Haberman (1889) . Giovanni Boldini (1890) . Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Berthe la Sourde (1890) . Vincent van Gogh (1890) . Mary Cassatt (1891) . Berthe Morisot – Julie Manet (1892) . Pierre-Auguste … Continue reading Peinture Dames Aux Chapeaux (1536-2010)


Soviet efforts to expand social, political and economic opportunities for women constitute the earliest and perhaps most far-reaching attempt ever undertaken to transform the status and role of women. The early Soviet regime ensued a policy of pushing more women into urban industrial employment these policies were ideological driven, and political or economical. During Joseph Stalin’s rule the number of women working increased from 24 … Continue reading ZIS

Hitler rehearsing his speech in front of the mirror, 1925

Hitler rehearsing his public speech in front of the mirror. Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, strikes a pose for photographer Heinrich Hoffmann whilst rehearsing and listening his recorded speech. The album, features black and white images of the Nazi leader in a series of poses, using expressive face and hand gestures, which he would practice and review before addressing the German public. They … Continue reading Hitler rehearsing his speech in front of the mirror, 1925

Akif Hakan Celebi Photography

From fashion shots to artistic nudes, from sensual portraits to stylized productions, Akif Hakan Celebi frees himself of the traditional rules of photography in order to combine techniques and styles as he sees fit. Through fantastical stagings, he strives to tell a story to spectators, as though they were looking at the freeze frame of a film mid- screening. His horizontal compositions adopt the format … Continue reading Akif Hakan Celebi Photography

Shirin Neshat Photography

  Though she graduated from University of California at Berkeley in 1983, Shirin Neshat has emerged as an artist 10 years later, after her first visit to her native country Iran after 20 years absence imposed by the aftermath of the violent Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979. Her first body of works consists of dramatic narrative photographs comprised in the series Unveiling (1993) and the … Continue reading Shirin Neshat Photography

Dmitry Bocharov Photography

HerWhite: Black and White Beauty Dmitry Bocharov is a talented photographer and filmmaker from Khabarovsk, Russia who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Dmitry focuses on fashion, he shoots amazing beauty, glamour and editorial photography. Every woman have her own “white”. “White” – that makes her attractive, sexual and calm. This project like experiment. You never know how she will feel herself in “her … Continue reading Dmitry Bocharov Photography