Lewis Morley Photography

Photographer who found fame with his portrait of Christine Keeler, which came to embody the permissiveness of the 1960s Lewis Frederick Morley (16 June 1925 – 3 September 2013), created many of the era-defining images of the 1960s. These include his portrait of Christine Keeler, almost nude, straddling Morley’s studio chair. Morley felt the photograph was a millstone round his neck but nevertheless reluctantly reprinted … Continue reading Lewis Morley Photography

Deborah Turbeville Photography

Renowned fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville (July 6, 1932 – October 24, 2013) was known as the “anti-Helmut Newton” for her approach to fashion photography, Turbeville favoured location over the clothes as the focus of the image, often overexposing and scratching the negatives to give the images a sense of decay. Having shot for magazines including American, French and Italian Vogue, Turbeville’s most famous shoot was the 1975 Bath … Continue reading Deborah Turbeville Photography

Eolo Perfido Photography

Eolo Perfido is a professional photographer and Leica ambassador who lives in Rome, Italy. He got started with photography later in life, after he suddenly discovered his passion and talent for photography. As a former graphic designer, Eolo discussed how photography has two levels that both need to be captured: the technical side (where his graphic design background comes in handy) and the human element. … Continue reading Eolo Perfido Photography