The Portraits of Pierre Gonnord

  Traveling the streets and country lanes of Europe, photographer Pierre Gonnord (born 1963) has spent the last two decades making extraordinary portraits of marginalized individuals. His subjects range from simple farmers and immigrants to monks and circus performers. A Frenchman living in Spain, Gonnord travels with a studio that gives his images a richness that speaks to a long tradition of portraiture in photography … Continue reading The Portraits of Pierre Gonnord

Dan Winters Photography

Joaquin Phoenix  Dan Winters (born October 21, 1962) is an American portrait photographer, illustrator, filmmaker and writer. He first studied photography and the darkroom process starting in 1971. In 1979, while still a high school senior, he began working full-time in the motion picture special effects industry in the area of miniature construction and design. He went on to study photography at Moorpark College, in California. In 1986, he began his career in … Continue reading Dan Winters Photography

Mathieu César Photography

Mathieu César is a French photographer living between Paris, New York and Los Angeles. In just a few years, Mathieu César has established his modern yet timeless vision of photography and spread his wings to directing.With a mix of precision and a light touch he draws a black and white universe playing with shades of grey, flat areas of deep black and subtle blurs. “The … Continue reading Mathieu César Photography

Frank De Mulder Photography

Frank De Mulder is synonymous with erotic photography of the highest caliber in the world. Known as a leader in his field, he endeavors to connect us with each model’s unique personality and conveys a charged sense of sensuality and sophistication few others can equal. All his images are both highly original and sensually compelling. Each composition is complex, combining a daring spirit with a … Continue reading Frank De Mulder Photography

Réne Groebli Photography

  Réne Groebli (b. 1927) was born in Zurich, Switzerland. In the 1940s he studied under the noted photographer, Hans Finsler. In 1949 he secured his place among European post-war artists with his iconic portfolio  Magic of the Rail By the early 1950s, Groebli was working as a photographer for Life, Picture Post and other international magazines and participated in the first Subjektive Fototgraphie exhibition in Saarbrüken. In … Continue reading Réne Groebli Photography

“A Day with Salvador Dalí”

In 1930, a few months after being expelled from his father’s home, surrealist artist Salvador Dalí purchased a former fisherman’s shack near the secluded village of Portlligat on Spain’s Costa Brava. He paid with some of the 20,000 francs that the Viscount of Noailles had given him as an advance on the painting that would become The Old Age of William Tell. Over the next four … Continue reading “A Day with Salvador Dalí”

Wing Shya Photography

Wing Shya is one of Asia’s best-known artists, with work spanning photography, graphic design and film. He has shot images of some of the region’s top talent and collaborated with fashion houses, brands and magazines. But while Wing is now a household name in his own right, his three-decade career was launched under famed Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai, who hired him as … Continue reading Wing Shya Photography

Lee Jeffries Photography

Born in the United Kingdom, Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester and constantly travels to major Western cities to meet people living in the streets, striving to capture their nobility. Formerly an accountant, it was during a marathon he undertook in London that he crossed paths with a young woman snuggled in her sleeping bag near Leicester Square. His perception of homeless people was radically transformed … Continue reading Lee Jeffries Photography

Lucien Clergue Photography

Picasso, Fréjus 1962 How did Pablo Picasso decide to sponsor this young man, not yet twenty, as he introduced himself to him at the end of a corrida in Arles to show him his photographs? The answer lies in Lucien Clergue’s first albums, which remained unknown until his death at the age of 80 on the 15th November 2014. They comprise advertising sample catalogues originally … Continue reading Lucien Clergue Photography