Alexandra Von Fuerst Photography

Alexandra Von Fuerst is the Italian-born, London-based photographer whose work focusses on the female body and its perception. “The body in my photographs connects with its surroundings, sometimes towards the limits of its boundaries, reaching into abstraction, other times simply embracing its most human aspect,” says Alexandra.   “My work combines a strong interest in art with fashion and beauty, in an exploration of femininity … Continue reading Alexandra Von Fuerst Photography

Celebrities by George Holz

George Holz, who is from Tennessee but studied under the great Helmut Newton in Pasadena, has photographed countless celebrities, creating some of the most recognizable portraits of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Jerry Hall (to name a few). His photographs possess an organic quality of someone who so clearly puts his subjects at ease, a feature Holz worries is becoming scarce in the world of celebrity portraiture. “Everything is … Continue reading Celebrities by George Holz

Martin Parr

In a career spanning over four decades Englishman Martin Parr, born 1952, has become one of the world’s best-known, most prolific and often controversial documentary photographers. His work is loved by many but has also provoked more than its fair share of criticism. His roots in photography lie within his family: “My grandfather was a very keen amateur photographer. When I was about 13 or … Continue reading Martin Parr