Halsman and Dali: A Personal History

“In the thirty years of our friendship I have made countless photographs showing the surrealist painter in the most incredible situations. Whenever I needed a striking or famous protagonist for one of my wild ideas, Dalí would graciously oblige. Whenever Dalí thought of a photograph so strange that it seemed impossible to produce, I tried to find a solution. ‘Can you make me look like Mona Lisa?… Can you make a man one … Continue reading Halsman and Dali: A Personal History

Street Photography

One would come to a conclusion that the length and breadth of Street Photography has been all but covered, but the raw truth is possibilities and innovations within are infinite. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites. Photo By: Rafael Ianos … Continue reading Street Photography

Pedro Luis Raota Photography

© Pedro Luis Raota Pedro Luis Raota is rightfully considered one of the 20th century’s most influential and important photographers. Pedro is from Argentina, born in 26th April 1934 to a farmers family. At a very young it is learnt that Pedro has sold his bicycle to buy his first camera. Initially he started doing passport photos and this was where he had learnt the … Continue reading Pedro Luis Raota Photography

Michael Kenna Photography

Daybreak, Vaux Le Vicomte, France, 1996 Michael Kenna was born in Widnes, Lancashire, an industrial town in the north-west of England in 1953. As one of five children born to a working class Irish-Catholic family, he aspired to enter the priesthood and attended St. Joseph’s College, from 1964 to 1972 but his passion for painting led him to The Banbury School of Art in Oxfordshire, … Continue reading Michael Kenna Photography

“Drag Queen of the Century”

Divine is a character by American actor, singer and drag queen Harris Glenn Milstead (October 19, 1945 – March 7, 1988). Harris Glenn Milstead’s drag character Divine is most famous by his/her roles in John Waters films such as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Polyester and Hairspray. In early 1970’s Divine appeared in several avant-garde performances alongside San Francisco drag collective, The Cockettes. Later Divine performed … Continue reading “Drag Queen of the Century”

Corner Portraits

Around 1948, photographer Irving Penn began making unusual portraits of a number of writers, artists, musicians, politicians, dancers and other celebrities. The photographic studio ceases to be a neutral environment to become an active agent in the creation of the photographic reality. Irving Penn had already begun to use the studio as a place revelead in the photograph, as the viewer is allowed to see … Continue reading Corner Portraits