Mathieu César Photography


Mathieu César is a French photographer living between Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

In just a few years, Mathieu César has established his modern yet timeless vision of photography and spread his wings to directing.With a mix of precision and a light touch he draws a black and white universe playing with shades of grey, flat areas of deep black and subtle blurs.

“The black and white photo has a timeless quality that I love. I’ve always been very inspired by legends such as August Sanders and Irving Penn and their iconic images.”

This self-taught talent, primarily doing portraits, describes himself as a curious people’s person: “I love having the chance to meet so many interesting people. Just imagine that my job has allowed me to meet the first man on the moon – and to get him into his original space suit!”

Mathieu quickly seduced the most prestigious magazines, photographed several contemporary legends such as Iggy Pop and collaborated with celebrities such as Natalia Vodianova, Tilda Swinton, Mila Jovovich, Lana Del Rey, Natalie Portman and Laetitia Castia.

He has also photographed and directed campaigns for several high profile clients

Image result for Mathieu CesarImage result for Mathieu Cesar

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