Delicate Portraits by Elena Iv-Skaya

delic(1)Elena Ivskaya is an internationally renowned photographer who lives in La Réunion, a paradise-like island in the Indian Ocean. She is best known for her strong and very feminine beauty and fashion portraits. Her photographic style is deeply influenced by the obsession for highly aesthetic and elegant imagery. The photographer loves to play with light and colors as well as different fabrics and shapes. Whether in the studio or an outdoor shoot, her body of work always conveys a lovely feminine touch. delic(2)delic(3)delic(4)delic(5)delic(6)delic(7)delic(8)delic(9)delic(10)delic(11)delic(12)delic(13)delic(14)delic(15)delic(16)delic(17)delic(18)delicate-we


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