Heidi Levine Photography

Women mourn during the funeral of boys killed by an Israeli naval bombardment in the port of Gaza
Netream Netzleam holds the body of her daughter Razel, one, who medics said died from injuries sustained in an Israeli air strike the previous day, at her funeral in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Palestinian men run with a white flag in the Shejaia neighbourhood, which was heavily shelled by Israel during fighting

Rawya Abu Jom’a, 17, at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Rawya was wounded when two Israeli air strikes hit her family’s apartment. Three of her cousins and her sister were killed in the strike

A Palestinian woman looks out over a scene of destruction in Shujayea

Hadil Amar, 21, uses her tablet to photograph herself with the damage to her family’s home in Tel al Hawa in central Gaza. The family fled their home after it was hit with a warning rocket by an Israeli drone just before it was targeted by Israeli warplanes. Witnesses said the home was hit twice

Mousa Sweidan, 50, walks in one of the rooms of his father’s damaged home in the Shejaia neighbourhood of Gaza City. The family of 15 people fled from their home and took shelter in a UN school when Israeli tanks entered the area. Mousa used to work in Israel as a painter until 2005 and is now unemployed

Palestinian bride Anaan El Harazen, 24, sits in the damaged salon of her family’s home as she waits to pose for pictures with family members before her groom comes to take her away for their wedding in the Shijaiyah neighbourhood of eastern Gaza City

Mustafa Majedah, 19, is carried by his friend Mohammed as they arrive for his rehabilitation session at the Artificial Limbs and Polio Centre in Gaza City. Mustafa lost his legs when a bomb exploded outside his home in Khan Younis

Wounded Wael al-Namlah, 26, and his wife, Asraah, watch their three year-old son Sharif crawl on the carpet at their home in Rafa, Gaza. Namlah and his son each lost a leg in an Israeli rocket strike



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