Discover Klaus Mitteldorf

Brazilian photographer Klaus Mitteldorf has modestly slipped under the cult favourites radar of the fashion industry. Comparable to the likes of the Hans Feurer, and channeling the colourful vibrance of Miles Aldrige with a surrealist flair reminiscent of Man Ray, we revive Mitteldorf’s intensely striking fashion photography all the way back from the 80’s, to reveal elements of deserving praise that seem to have gone utterly underrated over the years.

Initially starting out as a surf photographer in the steaming Brazilian heat of the 70’s, Mitteldorf documented the lives of surfers in the beaches of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, grabbing his first magazine cover for a journal called Brasil Surf  in 1975.

By 1982, the photographer had landed multiple shoots in renowned Brazilian magazines including Pop, Casavogue, and Claudia Moda, and has since been published in revered names such as Vogue, Elle Brazil and Germany, and Playboy Germany, USA and Brazil.

Within Mitteldrof’s extensive 35-year body of work, are his standout postmodernist style images shot in the 80’s. Reflecting the colourful dynamic decade, his work is a celebration of the female body, highlighting the enticing voluptuousness and curving forms of his subjects. His work often focuses on the lower half of the body from unusual angles that elongate legs and accentuate curves and shapes. Though often working with nudes, his images are always tastefully sensual, focusing more on the art of the body, sculpting them into abstract shapes and forms, and creating surreal universes of exuberant contrasting colours. Using cerulean waters and cobalt skies as his natural backdrops, Mitteldorf incorporates pops of bright red or stark yellow as bold juxtapositions to the spaces. With faces often missed out of frames or unconventionally covered with props and fabrics, Mitteldorft has managed to create artistically hidden gems, carving shapes out of beautiful bodies and limbs, that make you want to jump on a plane and park yourself on a sandy Brazilian beach, as soon as humanly possible.

Discover more of Klaus Mitteldorf’s works here


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