Ozier Muhammad Photography

Ozier Muhammad is an American photojournalist who has been on the staff of The New York Times since 1992. He has also worked for Ebony Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, and Newsday. He earned a B.A. in 1972 in photography from Columbia College Chicago.

In 1984, Muhammad won the George Polk Award for News Photography.

As a photographer for Newsday, Muhammad shared the 1985 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting with Josh Friedman and Dennis Bell “for their series on the plight of the hungry in Africa.”

He was selected as a photographer for the 1990 project Songs of My People.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. These 2 fellows were sharing a soda in a community which had postings around that stated this is Disciples gang terrority.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A man heads home after laboring in the stock yards.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A child looks at the activity in the alley from the backstairs of the tenement where she lives.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. This boy was perched on the roof of a garage behiind a tenement building in the Bronzeville neighborhood.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. Vacant lot baseball has been a very common summer activitiy on Chicago’s Southside for decades.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A child makes a face as the camera shutter opens.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. Young men playing pickup basketball in Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A waterbreak during a baskeball pickup game in Marting Luther King Jr park.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A pool hall 7700 South on Cottage Grove where some young men played low stakes pool and watch television.

DOWNTOWN CHICAGO. A young man strikes a pose.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. A pool hall 7700 South on Cottage Grove where some young men played low stakes pool and watch television.

Girl at Portk Chop Stop. Chicago is known for it’s barbeque joints. The pork chop shops are profligate too.

An Addict Sings a Gospel. This woman sang “Precious Lord” during a group meeting of former herion addicts at a methodone clinic.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. June 1994 – A churching going boy on his way to the United House of Prayer, pauses before crossing 125th street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in the early morning late June 1994.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. September, 1993 – A man was lost in his thoughts on a misty late afternoon on 125th street.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. January, 1993 – A man leaves the Metro North Station Harlem branch.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. August, 2008 – A man crosses 125th street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. boulevard during a brief cloudburst.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. March, 1993 – Katirah Hikmah, a jewelry, incense and trinkets vendor finishes preparing her sells display on 125th street.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. May, 1994 – A man lifts weights and gets a shout of encouragement at 125th street and 5th avenue.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. April, 1994 – A man found a seat in a traffic signal stanchion at 125th street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. May, 1994 – A man with a face that seems as enduring as the old steps he is seated, chews on a bark as he whiles away his time.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. January, 1994 – Some men take a break from clearing a trash strewn lot to warm their hands In the middle of winter on Manhattan Avenue in Harlem,

HARLEM, NEW YORK. September, 1993 – Minister Conrad Muhammad of Temple #7 Nation Of Islam speaks to officers in his security corps before an event at the Harlem Armory.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. November, 1994 – A member of the Nation of Islam sold the Final Call, also known in the later part of the 20th Century as Muhammad Speaks in the late evening on 125th street in Harlem.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. May, 1993 – This fellow calls himself “Dancing Harry.” He can usually be found near the world famous Apollo Theater making his moves on a slick board to the sounds of Soul Brother #1 James Brown.

PRETORIA, RSA. A presidential campaign rally for Nelson Mandela.

ETHIOPIA. An infant holds onto his mother’s breast in a hospital run by Cuban doctors in Addis Ababa.

ETHIOPIA. Children as they were being fed by the surviving parent, or parents in a dislocation camp.

KOREM ETHIOPIA. An Ethiopian girl clutches a biscuit as she is weighed In a tent where a medical team from Doctors Without Borders were providing care.

125TH STREET, HARLEM, NY. July, 1994 – An usher at the United House of Prayer surrenders to the sound of the gospel.

SOUTHSIDE CHICAGO. This boy was watching the Budd Biliken Parade as it passed by.

ADDIS ABABA ETHIOPIA. A woman oblivious to the flies plaguing her child waits to see a doctor at a hospital.

African National Congress Rally

SOWETO, RSA. Mr. Mandela campaigns for the presidency of South Africa, and a final end to Apartheid.Mr. Mandela on the campaign trail.

Muhammad Ali Recites a Poem


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