George Mitchell Photography

Leigh and Cathy

It started in earnest during the summer of 1967, when Mitchell borrowed a 35mm camera from the University of Minnesota and traveled with his wife, Cathy, and a Wollensack tape recorder to document blues musicians in Mississippi. After returning to Minnesota, Mitchell turned the trip into a master’s thesis that also became his first book in 1971,  “Blow My Blues Away”.

In the late ’60s and early 1970s, George Mitchell worked as a reporter in Columbus, Georgia. Under the tutelage of the photographers at the Columbus Ledger, he shot the photographs that appeared with his stories. At the Columbus Times, he was a reporter, a photographer, and later executive editor. During that period, he produced his second book of photographs and text, “I’m Somebody Inportant”.

Mitchell then decided to become a photography teacher, and returned to the University of Minnesota where he studied photography, teaching in both the journalism and art departments. He taught photography in Atlanta at four high schools for a total of 25 years.

Mitchell’s photographs can be found in the permanent collections of the Columbus Museum of Art and museums in Sacramento, California and Utrecht, Holland.

Macon County, Alabama, 1980

Anne Marie

Joe Green and children

McGovern campaign headquarters

Hulbert Paul Stamper

Mary Miller

murmurs the young woman lighting a cigarette to the hooker outside the Majestic in Atlanta posing for a portrait for me.

Auburn Avenue Casino

Ronda, street prostitute

Talbotton, Georgia, 1971

Ronda, street prostitute

Wife of Othar Turner, Como, Mississsippi, 1967

Thomas J. Eiland and son, Brewton, Alabama, early 1970’s

Mrs. Sarah M. Smith, Boutte, Louisiana

Bessie Mae Fair, Ft. Gaines, Georgia

Joe Taylor, 103 years old, Eatonton, Georgia

Kathy Ingram and son Brian

Atlanta, Georgia, 1982


Eddie Martin

Big Sur, California

Talbotton, Georgia, early 1970’s


Leigh and Cathy

Leigh at home exiting the bathroom

Leigh and her great grandmother meet for the first and last time

Columbus, Georgia, 1968

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Spurlock and family, Joaquin, Texas

Atlanta flower girl

Mrs. Lizzie Leonard, Woodland, Georgia

Javelja Brown, Talbotton, Georgia, early 1970’s

Mrs. Mary Jane Crane, Mrs. Margaret Oliver, San Augustine, Texas

Talbotton, Georgia 1970

Atlanta, Georgia, 1981


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