Henri Dauman Photography


Henri Dauman is a master photographer who has journeyed the world documenting the foremost historical events, personalities and cultural changes of the 20th century. As a feature photographer for LIFE Magazine he captured personalities & icons of politics, art, and culture ranging from John & Jacqueline Kennedy, to Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and many others at telling moments of their lives.

For more than four decades, he worked with other publishers and magazines such as New York Times, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Smithsonian and Town & Country.

In 1967 he was awarded with Picture Of The Year Award from the school of journalism of the University of Missouri. He has also received an Award of Excellence awarded to him by Communications Art Magazine. 35mm Photography, Photo, The Photography Catalog, Variety, The New York Times and Print Magazine have all featured professional articles discussing his work.

Dauman’s work has exhibited at leading galleries and his prints are held in public and private collections throughout the world, brings an extraordinary, invaluable visual record that reflects American and European styles, urban landscapes, icons, cultural values, and political concerns of the twentieth century.

Harpo Marx Gives his Classic ‘’Watch-out-here-I-come’’ Leer to Model Marianne Meldau, Algonquin Hotel, New York, 1961

Aaron Bell of the Duke Ellington Band, New York, 1960

Andy Warhol, 1964

JFK funeral, Washington, 1963

Brigitte Bardot

Brenda Vaccaro

Cab Calloway

Carol Channing

Cathryn Damon and Liza Minnelli

Charles Nelson

David Wayne

Denis Hopper and Peter Fond

Eiffel Tower

Eileen Brennan

Elizabeth Taylor, 1960

Elvis Presley’s Return to Graceland, Memphis Tennessee, 1960

Emily Yancy

Jean Renoir, 1961

Liza Minnelli

Jackie Kennedy & John F. Kennedy Campaigning on Broadway, NYC, 1960

Jean Seberg

Jeannie Carson

Liza Minnelli

Marcel Marceau

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at private screening of “Some like it hot”, 1959

Marlyn Mason with composer Elmer Bernstein

Marylin Monroe

Marshall Mcluhan, 1966

Pearl Bailey

Playwright Eugene Ionesco, Stockbridge Massachussetts, 1969

Prison, Clinton NY

Rene Clair

Richard Nixon campaigning in New-York city

Rudy Vallee and Virginia Martin

Sunbathers, the Fontainebleau Hotel, Maimi Beach, Florida, 1968

Susan Watson

Social security office

Tim Buckley

Vladimir Horowitz
Morgan Freeman and Cab Calloway


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