Tono Stano Photography

Tono Stano attended the secondary school of applied arts in Bratislava in 1975-79, and then, from 1980-86, the FAMU in Prague (School of Film, Photography, and Television). Still during their studies, he and his fellow students at FAMU developed a new style of staged photography, full of expressive movements and metaphor, partly influenced by performance art.
Tono Stano is mainly known for his black-and-white photographs of the female body. Several of his photographs have been used for the cover of photography books. The picture “Sense”, appeared on the cover of the landmark photography book “The Body” by William A. Ewing.

Ana Geislerova


Andy Garcia

Ben Kingsley

Danny Trejo

Elijah Wood and Liev Schreiber

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gus Van Sant

Harvey Keitel with his wife Daphna Kaster

Jacqueline Bisset

John Cleese with his wife Alice Faye Eichelberger

Karel Roden

Keira Knightley

Kim Ki-Duk

Lou Reed

Matt Dillon

Morgan Freeman

Robert De Niro

Roman Polanski

Saffron Burrows

Saul Zaentz

Scarlett Johansson

Sharon Stone


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