Hans Gedda Photography

Nelson Mandela

Since the late 1960’s Hans Gedda (born July 8, 1942) has been one of Swedens leading portrait photographers. He is known for his intimate portraits of some of the greatest icons of our time, ranging from politicians and kings to actors and musicians. Many of there photographs has since become part of our cultural heritage, like the photographs of Nelson Mandela, taken shortly after he was release from prison.

Man with a Cigarette and Stick


Addi, the White-Face Clown
Al Jarreau

Andy Warhol

Angela Davis

Arthur Lee

Ashley Beedle

Astrid Lindgren

Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden

Cornelis Vreeswijk

Dan Wolgers

Einar Nerman

Endre Nemes

Ernst Hugo Jaregard, actor

Evert Taube, author, singer, artist

Fantini, clown

Geraldine Chaplin

Hans Alfredson, author, actor, entertainer, film director

Hasse Persson

Ingemar Stenmark

Ingmar Bergman

Jane Birkin

Jean Paillard

Jonas Gardell

Kerstin Palm

Margaretha Krook

Marit Bergman

Max von Sydow

Maxime Sullivan

Nelson Mandela

Niklas Ek, dancer, actor

Olof Palme

Ove Ekberg

Per Gunnar Evander

Rebecka Tornqvist

Rolf Winquist, photographer

Sara Lidman

Self Portrait as The White Clown

Sophie Zelmani

Stuart Staples

Sven Stolpe

The Circus Princess

Tomas Transtromer

Tove Jansson

Urban Torhamn

Werner Klausen


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