Art in Black and White

National Cheerleaders Convention by Toby Old, 1998

Mickey Mantle by John Dominis, 1965
Arnold Newman, 1967

Deborah Harry by Francesco Scavullo, 1986

Democratic National Convention by Thomas F. Arndt, 1984

Disneyland by Kwong Chi Tseng, California, 1979

Dmitri Kessel, Yangtze River, Sichuan, China, 1946

Dunes by Edward Weston, 1936

Ed van Wijk, Buitenhof, Den Haag, 1952

Eliot Elisofon, New York, 1953

Emmy Eugenie Andriesse

Giant oak tree on Martha’s Vineyard by Alfred Eisenstaedt, North Tisbury, Massachusetts, 1969

Gordon Parks, 1952

Helen and her hoola-hoop by Chris Killip, 1984

Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1933

Josef Koudelka, Spain, 1973

Le Secret by Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Paris, 1979

Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene, 1956

Melanie Sinclair

Pina Bausch, Blaubart, 1977

Pope John Paul II, Moments after being shot, May 13, 1981

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1960

Ratcliffe Power Station by Michael Kenna, 2008

Robert Frank, 1955

Signs in Kyoto by Eliot Elisofon, Japan, 1961

This is Coffee by Harold Edgerton, 1933

Three East German guards goose-stepping as they march in front of the War Memorial by Ralph Crane, East Berlin, 1967

Venice Beach Rock Festival by Dennis Stock, California, 1968

Walker Evans, New York, 1934


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