Actors and Actresses  

Lucy Liu by Matthew Rolston

Benedict Cumberbatch by Platon

Adrien Brody by Ellen von Unwerth
Alicia Silverstone

Anna Paquin by Tom Munro

Arnold Schwarzenegger by Harry Langdon

Bai Ling by Florent Carmin

Billy Zane by Michel Comte

Brad Pitt

Bruce Willis by Justin Case

Claire Danes by Alexi Lubomirski

Debra Messing by Ruven Afanador

Drew Barrymore by Mark Seliger

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gerard Butler by Deborah Hurford Brown

Jeff Goldblum by Jeff Vespa

Jennifer Morrison by Barry Hollywood

Joaquin Phoenix by Cliff Watts

Johnny Depp by Peggy Sirota

Julia Stiles by Steve Shaw

Kate Mara by Brooke Nipar

Keira Knightley by Emily Hope

Kirsten Dunst by George Lange

Madonna by Wayne Maser

Marisa Tomei by Stewart Shining

Michael Fassbender by John Russo

Mickey Rourke by Paolo Pellegrin

Milla Jovovich by Suzuki Kaori

Robert Downey Jr by Paolo Pellegrin

Rosario Dawson by Michael Benabib

Rose McGowan by David LaChapelle

Sarah Shahi by Nino Munoz

Scarlett Johansson by Steen Sundland

Vanessa Paradis by Matthew Brookes

Vincent Cassel by Ellen von Unwerth


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