Kerekes Gabor Photography


Gábor Kerekes (Oberhart, Germany, 2 August 1945 – Budapest, Hungary, 16 April 2014) is known for his precision and experimental photography. He developed an interest in photography in 1971 when he was gifted a Voigtländer camera. In 1973, several years after completing his secondary education at the Kölcsey Grammar School in Budapest, he qualified as a professional photographer. Then, for a period of two years, he was a reporter for the Budapest Photographers’ Cooperative. From 1974–1979 he was employed as a photographer by the Iron Industrial Research Institute. He worked as a photojournalist for Képes 7 from 1985 and for Képes Európa from 1990. He subsequently became a freelance photographer.

Kerekes held his first solo exhibition at the Ferencváros Cellar Exhibition Hall in Budapest in 1997. Since then, his works have featured in solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe and in the United States. Articles about his work have been published in numerous catalogues and in professional journals and magazines.


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