Merri Cyr Photography

The Murmers

“What makes a photo interesting to me is the expression of energy, the alchemy of a moment caught in the net of a certain shutter click. It’s sort of like fishing for treasure, the meaning of which becomes evident over the passage of time.” ~ Merri Cyr.

As a teenager in the early eighties, Merri left her small town of Adamsville, Rhode Island for New York City as a finalist in a national modeling contest. After winning and being photographed by Richard Avedon, she modeled in New York and Paris. During that time she became more fascinated with what the photographers and assistants were doing behind the camera. Soon she started shooting documentary photos on the streets of New York, which led her to take up her studies in photography at Pratt Institute where she earned her BFA.

After graduating Pratt, Merri became focused on portraiture, especially the documenting of musicians and artists for magazines and record companies.

Merri has over 80 album packages to her name. Other works include the documenting of Lilith Fair for Rolling Stone, consigned video works for Sony and Maverick, and her book, “A Wished-For Song, Portrait of Jeff Buckley”, which includes 360 photos and interviews conducted by her. Merri also teaches at International Center of Photography in NYC.


David Lynch

Jamie Cullum
Jeff Buckley

Joe Henderson

Joey Ramone

John Turturro

Kevin Smith

Paula Cole

Philip Glass

Roy Hargrove

Sarah McLachlan

Suzanne Vega

Walter Parks

Wim Wenders


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