Heinrich Kühn

Heinrich Kühn is regarded one of the forefathers of fine art photography, the movement that helped photography to establish itself as an art on its own. His photographs closely resemble impressionist paintings, with their frequent use of soft lighting and focus. Kühn was part of the pictorialist photographic movement.

Kühn mainly used the gum bichromate technique, applied in several layers, and thus allowing for previously unseen color tonalities.

In 1911, Kühn invented the Gummigravüre technique, a combination of photogravure and Gum bichromate.

In 1915 he developed the Leimdruck technique, which uses Animal glue as Colloid and produces pictures similar to gum prints. He also invented the Syngraphie, a forgotten technique that uses two negatives of different sensitivity to obtain a larger tonal spectrum.

Kühn used Autochrome from its appearance in 1907; his Autochromes have been called “ethereal dreams of childhood, full of vaulted sunny skies and giddy perspectives, as gloriously cathartic as they are emotionally charged”.


Hans, Walter, Lotte, Edeltrude Kuhn, 1912

Mary Warner and Edeltrude Kuhn. 1908

Mary on the hillside 1908

Edeltrude und Hans 1907


Hans Kuhn 1907

Lotte Kuhn 1907

Brothers and sisters Kuhn.1912

Mary with Hanns and Lotte 1908

Miss Mary and Lotte at the Hill Crest. 1910

 Lady in white dress.1908

Lotte and Mary in a meadow. 1908

Flowers in a bowl 1908

Still Life with Apples 1910

 Still-life with Roses 1910

Autumn. 1912

The breeze. 1913

Mathilde Weil – Rosa Rosarum. 1901

Lotte Kuhn 1910

Wind 1907

 Miss Mary, 1910

 Mary in a White Dress, 1907

 Portrait Frau Richter, 1913

Portrait (from Camera Work 33), 1911

Girl with mirror, 1906

The reaper. 1930


 Portrait of a lady, 1902

Mary Warner and Hans Kuhn, 1906

Ring dance, 1903




Венеция / Venezia, 1898

Still-life with roses 1914

 Carafe 1907

Ein Sommertag 1898

Windy Weather 1902

The Roman villa, 1898

Sirocco 1899

Venezia, 1898

Still-life with violets 1908

Mary Warner im Gegenlicht, 1908

  Генрих Кюн,Heinrich Kuhn




Still Life with Apples 1910

Still Life with Flowers 1908

Mary Warner and Edeltrude Kuhn 1908

Mary Warner in Landschaft 1910


 Walter and Lotte Kuhn in Wiese, 1907

Holland Madchen. 1902. Photogravure

Storm 1898

Still Life 1896

Self-Portrait of Heinrich Kuehn .Photogravure

Self-Portrait of Heinrich Kuehn. Autochrome


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