‘Emerging Alchemy’ by Mikael B. and Thomas Fryd

Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-ASTER-65x45

A mesmerizing amalgamation of human body parts

When a photographer and a street artist collaborate, expect the unexpected. And as always, their work is surprisingly elegant, unique and unimaginable.


The series ‘Emerging Alchemy’ featured below is a living proof, created by Danes photographer Thomas Fryd and street artist Mikael B. The artwork depicts a bizarre yet stunningly beautiful amalgamation of human body parts. Each piece is an explosion of imagination and talent, creating a mystical human form infused with ethereally-colored cloudscapes.  A pure alchemy, indeed!

Enjoy this mesmerizing work of art!


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-DROOM-40x40


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-IGLOO-40x20


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-LOODER-60x60


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-MIIST-60x40


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-SOLAAR-60x75


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-SWOO-65x30


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-TWILLING-50x70


Thomas Fryd-Mikael B-emerging-alchemy-ZOUL-50x40


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