Rohn Meijer Photography

Image result for Celeste for Simone Rainer AdV By Rohn MeijerRohn Meijer was born in Amsterdam, Holland. Before his seventh birthday, his family emigrated to Los Angeles, a city which offered Rohn sunny growing years that with the passage of time he assimilated in body and spirit. At the age of 22 he decided to return to Amsterdam where he studied ceramics at the Rietveld Academy. After his diploma, he went to Italy for the first time and worked there as a designer of industrial ceramics, collaborating with among others, Mario Bellini. Together with Ambroggio Pozzi and Joe Colombo, he designed an onboard dinner service for Alitalia. Rohn returned to Amsterdam after three years to work as a sculptor and teacher of industrial ceramics at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. He was introduced to the creative world of fashion photography by the photographer Jan Francis and combined with his curiosity to deepen his knowledge of the profession, his return to Milan opened up many possibilities for this new career. Franco Moschino gave him his first job and over time many clients followed.

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