Sergey Borisov Photography

Sergey Borisov Dialogue, 19831947 – born in Moscow

1959 – enters the photo hobby group of the Moscow City House of Pioneers.
– Is expelled from his institute and from the Komsomol for reading “anti-soviet” poems;
– Works as a lightings assistant in a theatre, works in a dining-car;
– Begins to work as a professional photographer.

Since the 1970s actively photographs Russian pop stars and rock groups for posters, and later for album covers. More than 60 of the latter were printed.

After 1976 – member of the photography section of the Moscow United Committee of Graphic Artists in the Malaya Gruzinskaya Street.

1979 – creates his own art studio “Studio 50A”.
Borisov’s works were sold at the London Sothebey’s and Christie’s auctions; they were bough by museums in Zurich, Lozanna, Boston and Moscow.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

bd8fc74c379c56902c69aecae949e0acCastle on the Restoration, 2011Catwalk, 1987Display the Initiative, 1987From Pushkin, 1989In Touch 1988MONROE WITH A HAMMER AND STICKLE_1990Sergey Borisov. Lezginka, 1988Sunset,1985x636-acrobat_1993.c7ax636-aguzarova_1987.c7ax636-constrictivism_1995.c7ax636-drojki-platinum_1995.c7ax636-girl-with-bicycle_1994.c7ax636-inspiration_1989.c7ax636-northern-wind_1995.c7ax636-obyasnenie_1993.c7ax636-once-hermitage_1994.c7ax636-pholosoph_1999.c7ax636-roof_1993.c7ax636-student_1993.c7ax636-zimny-zagar1998.c7a

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