As If They Belong In A Dream

French photographer and director, Stéphane Coutelle, has a very intimate relationship with women and the way their bodies are translated onto film. His work captures them in a unique way — almost as if they belong in a dream, where time does not exist. His series contain a plastic-like beauty while revealing a genuine closeness to the models. Starting with his very first release in 1987 titled, Nouvelles Figures, which was shown in Paris, Coutelle has continued his work as a life long process based off memory and his desire to explore new territories.

Previously, as a painter Coutelle he also exhibited intimate women’s portraits as large solo shows in several locations in Paris, such as at the Hôtel de Ville in 1994. His collections continue to expand and they each tell a breathtaking narrative of the relationship between women and the environment they surround themselves in. His most recent works include a series of photographs taken over a 4 year period. Shoebox Studio is a photography book containing pictures taken from 2004–2008. The portraits feature young women whom are all brand new to the world of modeling. Coutelle says, “I wanted to offer a rare, human perspective on this population of women whose job is to mask their vulnerability.”

Insomnies is a strong narrative of nights with timeless moments when the women find themselves half awake, while the mind is restless. Night landscapes provide a backdrop for the women while your own mind shares that very moment with them.


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