Postcards Of the 1920’s 

When A Glimpse Of Stocking Was Something Shocking: Vintage NSFW Postcards Of 1920’s Flappers.

Before the First World War, postcards were the Twitter of the day. They were used to share personal news, arrange appointments, or pass on messages of love — though thankfully, there was very little of the trolling we all have to endure today.

There was also a small but highly profitable cottage industry for erotic postcards which increased dramatically during the War years. This was one way by which governments and generals thought they could keep the boys on the frontline happy by giving them some reason for fighting — saving the sexy young maidens of France from the hairy, uncouth hands of the Hun, and so forth. Millions of such cards were produced by the French during the War, which led to the moniker “French postcards” being applied to all erotic postcards whether they were made in France or not.

Source: Dangerous Minds


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